NovaRene HIPS Sheets

NovaRene HIPS Sheets that we offer are manufactured using superior quality polystyrene that is an aromatic polymer made from aromatic monomer styrene. These NovaRene HIPS Sheets are widely used for making plastic models, disposable cutlery, CD and DVD cases, and various other products. The grade of NovaRene HIPS Sheets is selected by considering the impact resistance required in the sheets. NovaRene HIPS Sheets can be easily assembled with the help of mechanical fasteners, solvents, or adhesives. HIPS is a FDA compliant that can also be used in food processing.


HIPS, GPPS, Co Extrusion of HIPS/GPPS

Colours : White, Custom / transparent, Custom sizes available

Embossing :
Egg Crate; Cracked Ice; Decorative; Flower; WaterCrush


Features & advantages of NovaRene HIPS Sheets :

  • Low cost
  • Easily Printable
  • Easy to assemble with adhesives or solvents
  • Outstanding thermoforming characteristics
  • Good machinability
  • High impact strength with HIPS
  • Non Corrosive
  • Textures available
  • Semi Transculent with good lumniscence values available


Typical Applications

  • Disposables cutlery
  • Refrigeration Enclosures
  • ThermoFormed Articles
  • Automobile Body parts
  • Suitcase Inners Seperators
  • Replace Designer Glass Sheets
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Printing Industry
  • Printed Advertising Dislays, Kiosks
  • POP displays
  • Models & Prototypes
  • Shelves
  • Picture frames

Technical Specifications

Width x Length
0.1 - 1 1.1m Wide X Roll Roll form
01/01/02 -do-
02/01/03 Roll & 1.0X 2.5M
4 1 X 2.5
1.22 X 2.44
10 nos